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Lehigh Valley DUI ARD Programs for first-time offenders

First Offense DUIs in Northampton, Monroe & Lehigh County

First time offenders, or those whose first offense is over 10 years old, may be eligible for the ARD program.  ARD stands for accelerated rehabilitative disposition and the program has a number of benefits to those charged with first-offense DUIs.


The ARD program can often greatly reduce the license suspension that may result from a DUI conviction and also an individual to completely avoid the mandatory minimum prison sentences and jailtime.


Lehigh County, Monroe County and Northampton County all offer the ARD program but the requires in each county differ greatly.  Some counties will not allow ARD if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is above a certain level while other counties may not allow ARD if you are charged with certain other offenses along with the DUI.


While ARD is generally the best option in most cases, it is not always the best option for everyone.  In certain, rare, cases you may actually be able to avoid a license suspension completely by not accepting ARD.


Our DUI lawyers can evaluate your case and help determine how best to proceed while also avoiding all the pitfalls individuals often fall victim to in the ARD application process.


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