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Red Stoplight tickets in Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe and Northampton Counties


Traffic Citation Attorney

In Pennsylvania, there are two methods in which a driver may be issued a ticket for running a red light. The first of these is what you and I would consider the more traditional way where a police officer has seen the actual violation, or claims to, and pulled you over. For violations such as this, three points are assigned. There are several technical defenses to these citations and an experienced traffic ticket lawyer may well be able to assist you by either outright winning this claim or by discussing the potential faults in the case with the prosecution and negotiating a favorable resolution on your behalf.


The other form of red light tickets a camera tickets. Attorney Madsen does not assist in the defense of these matters.


Quite frankly, he feels it is his job to help you. An attorney would be doing you a disservice by accepting your money when they know that you can pay a ticket for a hundred dollars and no points will result. You have the opportunity to fight camera tickets if you chose to. But due to the lack of points, many people realize that it is simply cost effective to pay the fine.




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