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In today’s world its hard to survive without our license. We rely on our vehicle for work and our day-to-day activities, whether for shopping, going to the doctor, picking our children up from school or for unforeseen emergencies. Retaining our driving privileges in the event of a traffic citation is of the utmost importance. Those of us holding commercial driver’s licenses can face even more damaging repercussions if they are cited for a violation. If you have a traffic ticket and need to minimize your points, contact a local traffic ticket defense attorney today.  You must move quickly if you are hoping to avoid the negative repercusions of this ticket.


Traffic Regulations and Laws Regarding Suspension

The regulations and laws governing suspension of a license in Pennsylvania are complicated. License suspension is a serious penalty for drivers who have too many points, or have committed a criminal traffic violation. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) can order a person’s license suspended by written notice. Suspension by PennDOT may be based on the seriousness of the ticket, whether the person has committed repeat offenses, or on the number of points on a person’s license under the Pennsylvania Points System.  Pursuant to Pennsylvania law, a person has 30 days to respond to such notice. A failure to respond within 30 days will result in giving up your right to contest the suspension.


How can I avoid losing my license?

Suspension is almost always temporary. However, the length of suspension will depend on the nature of the violations and whether or not the person is a repeat offender. A suspended driver’s license can be avoided by winning the violation that makes the suspension possible, or by paying a fine and following through with the restoration requirements outlined in PennDOT’s written notice. However, under Pennsylvania law, repeated violation of certain laws, including serious traffic offenses, can result in revocation of one’s driving privileges for an extended period of time.


The consequences of losing your driving privileges can be life changing. If you are at risk of losing your license, either as a result of a Court notice or a notice from PennDOT you should contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Lehigh and Northampton county immediately. James Madsen is experienced in this area of the law and will represent you professionally and effectively so that your rights are protected.



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