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Legal Pioneering in Lehigh & Northampton County

Founded by James Madsen in 2011, Madsen Law Offices is located in Easton, Pennsylvania.  Our Easton Criminal Defense, DUI & Family Law Attorneys faithfully represent clients throughout Lehigh & Northampton County.  We have successfully represented clients in all levels of Pennsylvania Courts, including the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“Making a Difference is Our Practice”

– James Madsen

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Lehigh Valley Practice Areas

Lehigh Valley Criminal Defense Attorneys


Experienced Easton Criminal Defense Attorneys in Northampton County & Lehigh County.  We have represented individuals accused of crimes, from retail theft to homicide, at all levels of the criminal justice system, from preliminary hearings to Supreme Court Appeals.

Checkpoint for DUI in Easton


Our Easton DUI Lawyers have successfully represented clients charged with DUIs in Northampton & Lehigh County, as well as all levels of traffic matters.  We have saved clients from decades incarceration and licenses suspension as well as having DUI charges outright dismissed.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Easton

Personal Injury LAWYERS

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Easton represent individuals in Northampton County & Lehigh County with personal injuries ranging from fractured bones to permanent damage and death.  We don’t charge a penny until you or your family have been compensated.

Child Custody Lawyers in Easton, Pennsylvania

Child Custody & Support LAWYERS

Our Easton Family Law Lawyers handle all cases related to child custody and child support in Lehigh & Northampton County.  We have also had tremendous success in asserting grandparents’ custody rights.  We are the only local firm to maintain an online database of all local child custody resources for our clients.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce & Alimony Attorneys

Divorce Attorneys in our Easton Office handle all divorces ranging from uncontested to high-asset contentious separations in Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton.  Our Divorce Lawyers give the attention to detail needed to make the difference.  Our attorneys are well versed in PFA act and domestic violence

Unemployment Line

Unemployement & Debt Collection

Debt & Unemployment can be a troubling situation for many individuals in the Lehigh Valley today.  Whether you are seeking unemployment in Easton, Allentown or Bethlehem or have an outstanding debt that you cannot pay, contact our Lehigh Valley Attorneys for help.

Lehigh Valley Law Office

Easton, Allentown & Bethlehem Rely on Our Attorneys

Clients in Northampton County & Lehigh County rely on our legal expertise, accessibility and attention to detail in every case that comes through our door.  Whether, DUI, Child Custody, Divorce or Criminal, each case has it’s own unique circumstances and our Easton Attorneys are empathetic and tireless in pursuit of our client’s goals.  Our Lawyers pride ourselves on the ease and cost efficiency of our representation in Northampton & Lehigh County. 

Attorneys in our Easton Law Office specialize in helping people through lifechanging events and understand that these events do not always fit neatly in one area of law.  Life events will often have far ranging collateral consequences to require expertise in family law, criminal law, DUI defense and traffic law.  Our Lehigh Valley clients appreciate our ability to represent them across multiple areas and to solve problems before they happen.

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Attorneys at Our Easton Law Office

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Legal Pioneering in Lehigh & Northampton County

Our Easton Law Office remains on the cutting edge of the Lehigh County & Northampton County legal services industry.  Our Easton Attorneys have leveraged technology to stay ahead of the curve as the law develops.  We effectively and efficiently communicate with, and work for, our clients in Easton, Allentown & Bethlehem.  The Lehigh Valley Lawyers in our law office leverage resources to allow us to devote the time and effort to the fine details that have advanced our clients’ cases.  Our lawyers have changed the way the law is decided in the Northampton County Courthouse, Lehigh County Courthouse and beyond.  When there is a complicated legal matter, outside of normal business, Easton, Bethlehem & Allentown attorneys contact us.

Criminal Defense & DUI

Our Easton DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers pioneered the First Individualized ARD Hearing, First Grant of Bail for Release on a Probation Detainer, First use of Independent, Contemporaneous, Blood Test in a DUI case and the Release of Prisoners during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Northampton County.


Criminal Defense & DUI Verdicts

  • Client was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Due to an illegal search, the government agreed to withdraw all criminal charges and allow client to plead guilty to a mere speeding ticket.

    Drug Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. F.S. (Drug Charges)
  • Client was charged with possession of marijuana. The marijuana was possessed pursuant to an out of state prescription. Production of medical records led to a dismissal of all charges.

    Drug Charges Dimissed
    Commonwealth v. L.N. (Drug Charges)
  • Client was charged with multiple felonies for possession of a firearm with serial numbers removed. Client spend absolutely no time in jail and charges were reduced to a single misdemeanor based upon the Commonwealth’s failure to prove that the firearm had ever contained a serial number.

    Weapons Charges Reduced
    Commonwealth v. A.G. (Weapons Charges)
  • Client was charged with possession of a weapon on school property and was denied ARD. Research and motions practice resulted in a complete overhaul of the Northampton County ARD process and Client was eventually accepted into the ARD program.

    Weapons Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. K.S. (Weapons Charges)
  • Client was charged with Possession of a stolen firearm along with possession and manufacture of over 500 pounds of marijuana. The weapons charges were dismissed at a preliminary hearing in front of Judge Narlesky and client served only 9 months of incarceration on to drug charges due to the firearms enhancement being dismissed.

    Weapons Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. K.N. (Weapons Charges)
  • Client charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and terroristic threats. Through proactive representation all charges were dismissed at the preliminary hearing.

    Aggravated Assault Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. J.A. (Aggravated Assault)
  • Client was charged with harassment and disorderly conduct for a fight occurring at his place of work. After the Commonwealth presented it case the charges were dismissed subsequent to a motion for acquittal.

    Harassment Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. R.O.
  • Client was charged with multiple felony thefts and burglaries. Negotiations and pre-trial motions led to a plea to a single count of M3 conspiracy to theft and mere probation.

    Burglary Charges Reduced
    Commonwealth v. F.D. (Burglary Charges)
  • Client was accussed of stealing over $700,000 from his wife’s employer. Through aggressive pre-trial defense motions, the charges were eventually withdrawn by the Commonwealth and dismissed by the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.

    Embezzlement Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. B.R. (Theft Charges)
  • Client was charged with 2nd Offense DUI with a refusal enhancement and faced a mandatory minimum sentence of three (3) months. Through aggressive preliminary hearing representation and motion practice, the Commonwealth’s case was severely handicapped and the DUI charges were withdrawn on the eve of trial.

    DUI Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. R.A. (DUI)
  • Client was charged with Hit & Run. After applying for ARD and being denied, pre-trial motions were filed which resulted in the case being dismissed in the Court of Common Pleas and all criminal charges being dropped.

    Hit & Run Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. A.P. (Hit & Run)
  • Client was charged with 3rd Offense, High-Tier, DUI and faced a one-year mandatory minimum prison sentence. Through pre-trial motions related to faulty O’Connell warnings, the charges were reduced to Low-Tier DUI charges and client spent 10 days in county work release rather than one year in state prison.

    DUI Charges Reduced
    Commonwealth v. C.M. (DUI)
  • Client was charged with Fleeing and Eluding police. Aggressive representation at the preliminary hearing led to all criminal charges being dismissed before the case reach the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.

    Fleeing & Elluding Charges Dismissed
    Commonwealth v. K.G.

Aggressive Compassion

First and only Attorneys in the Lehigh & Northampton County to leverage technology to provide free emergency power of attorney and living wills to first responders, health care professionals and at risk populations during the COVID-19 Crisis in Easton, Allentown & Bethlehem.  When other local lawyers aren’t working, we are. 


Proven Results

The Attorneys in our Easton Law Office will leave no stone unturned to advocate for our Northampton County & Lehigh County clients.  Whether the case is an assault case in Easton or a contested custody and divorce in Allentown, our local lawyers strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients in each and every case.  Call our Easton Law Office today for information about how we can help you.

Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys in Easton were the first to successfully assert grandparent’s rights against Children & Youth in Northampton County and also the first to have criminal charges filed against an opposing party in an Easton custody case.  In Allentown, Lehigh County, we were the first to have a private dependency petition granted.


Past Family Law Verdicts

  • Client, through a devastating accident, emotional poisoning of her son by paternal grandparents and the poor representation by previous attorneys, had lost all custody rights to her child. After a week long trial, client was awarded sole custody of her son after years with barely any contact.

    Awarded Sole Custody
    C.H. v. R.D.
  • Childrens’ mother thwarted Client’s attempts to reunify with his two daughters at every turn. Through progressive litigation, we were able to obtain a child custody order granting Client 50/50 custody. The children’s mother refused to abide by the order and was eventually incarcerated for interefering with a child custody order. Father, our client, was granted sole custody.

    Awarded Sole Custody
    J.W. v. A.C.
  • Client, a service member, sought custody of his son and daughter after having only summer visitations. After a week long trial, Client was granted primary custody of his son and leave to relocate to Germany per his military service.

    Relocation & Shared Custody Granted
    A.K. v. T.K.
  • Client/Mother had primary custody of children and sought to relocate for better employment opportunities and reduced cost of living. Father contested the relocation but relocation was eventually granted after a trial.

    Relocation Granted
    M.B. v. J.B.
  • Northampton County Children & Youth Services had taken custody of our client’s grandchildren and refused to release the children to her. In a first of its kind case, we sued Northampton County Children and youth and obtained sole custody for our client

    Awared Sole Custody (Grandparents)
    J.G. v. NorCo CYS, et al
  • In another case, NorCo CYS had taken custody of our client’s grandchildren and refused to release the children to her. We successfully sued Northampton County Children & Youth for child custody and were granted sole custody by the court.

    Awared Sole Custody (Grandparents)
    C.M. v. NorCo CYS, et al
  • Children & Youth Services of Northampton County took custody of our client’s grandchildren and refused to release the children to him. We successfully sued Northampton County CYS for child custody and were granted sole custody by the court.

    Awared Sole Custody (Grandparents)
    R.P. v. NorCo CYS, et al
Client Reviews & Testimonials About Our Easton Lawyers

Words From Our Lehigh Valley Clients

  • Mr. Madsen is an outstanding lawyer and a master strategist. Mr. Madsen has provided outstanding legal advice and guidance to me. He has represented me in the most professional manner. James ethics are at the highest standards. His experience, knowledge and honesty have become very important to me when he has handled various legal matters for me. He made me feel confident that he will do his best and in turn I felt so good knowing I had him on my side. I will continue to use Mr. Madsen in any and all my legal needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation.

    Krystal Soos
    Former Client, Banker, via Google & Avvo
  • James Madsen is AMAZING!!! He communicates, returns your calls in a timely manner, explains in detail what’s happening, has compassion, and gets the job done. If you need a criminal Lawyer, this is the man you want by your side. He went above & beyond to help me!!! He is by far the BEST criminal Lawyer in Northampton/Lehigh County. I Highly recommend James Madsen as a criminal defense Attorney.

    Brenda Risser, via Google
    Former Client
  • Mr. Madsen is an experienced attorney that has helped me on two different occasions. I very much enjoyed working with him throughout the entire legal process . Even after my case, Mr. Madsen provided some valuable advice that helped me address other areas of opportunity. Your dedication, concern and interest in my case and in me as a client far outweighed any legal service I’ve encountered in the last 6 years. In summary, you have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation and I wish you continued success.

    Obinna Ndukwe, via Yelp
    Former Client, District Manager
  • I was referred here by a friend and glad I was. He made what could have been a big problem for me into a minor nuisance. Thanks!

    Barry Jordan
    Former Client, via Google
  • Retained last minute, went above and beyond. Got the result I needed , thank you Mr. Madsen!

    Tianna WIlliams
    Former Client, via Google
  • He helped me alot, thanks Mr. James!

    Kendra Perez
    Former Client, via Google
  • The most appropriate word that would best describe Mr. Madsen is phenomenal!! I was discharged by my employer for questionable reasons, and was left without pay for over two months. I was at the end of my rope, and decided to try an attorney for the appeals process. I’m so glad I did. Madsen is experienced, knowledgeable, and was there every step of the way. Needless to say he won my UC case. I don’t recommend anyone attending an unemployment hearing without an experienced attorney like Mr. Madsen.

    Jovanotti C.
    Former Client, via Google
  • James represented me in … Mr. Madsen filed a lengthy appeal on my behalf and the appeals court granted…

    He was knowledgable and really cares about his clients. He was also quick to respond to any questions I had, even when they may have seemed trivial. I cannot thank him enough for his help. Anyone that needs legal help should contact Attorney Madsen first. I cannot express how thankful I am for his help. Hiring him was the best decision I’ve made.

    Michael Gazzono
    Former Client, Law Enforcement, via Google
  • My first use of an attorney for a traffic court issue. I originally retained Mr. Madsen’s representation completely through the phone and email – a must with my hectic travel schedule.

    James was very knowledgeable on the law and process and quickly executed a defense strategy that resulted in a not-guilty.
    I definitely recommend him to anyone needing honest and professional representation at very reasonable rates.

    Craig H.
    Former Client, via Avvo
  • Mr. Madsen represented me in a custody dispute with my ex. I had never hired an attorney before but James made the entire process easy to understand and when we got to court I got even more time than with my daughter that I ever expected.

    Felix N.
    Former Client, via Avvo
  • After a recommendation by a friend, I hired James to represent me during my DUI case. He represented me during a 2 hour long preliminary hearing, after which the Assistant District Attorney offered us a guilty plea that would have reduced my charges down from a 5 year sentence to a minor DUI charge that required no jail time. But, because I would have lost my job, Attorney Madsen recommended we turn the deal down and go to trial anyways.

    It was stressful time for me but Mr. Madsen stood by me throughout the entire case. He obtained expert witnesses and documentation to prove my innocence and I don’t have a DUI conviction today because of his help.

    If you have a DUI, he is the attorney you want to hire!

    Ron A.
    Former Client, via Avvo
  • I highly enjoyed working with James in a not so enjoyable legal situation I was recently involved in. He was prompt in returning all of my calls and emails and kept me informed on every aspect of my case. James was also very knowledgeable on how to go about handling my situation in order to have the most positive outcome. He made a difficult task look effortless and stayed confident throughout, which in turn made me feel confident during a stressful time. James is efficient and effective, I highly recommend his services!

    James F.
    Former Client, via Avvo
  • Attorney Madsen is a serious up and comer comapred among current top defense lawyers I have had the experience in dealing with in the past. I would put my full trust in this attorney from minor infractions to major cases. His personality is suited to “real world in-practice law” and his off hand statute law for an “up and comer” is remarkable. One would assume Attorney Madsen has been at from quite some time with just a brief conversation with him. He brings a big city breath of fresh air to a stuffy local legal bar normally found in the Lehigh Valley. James could have practiced in the big city no doubt, but his choosing to serve the Lehigh Valley … just again demonstrates his character. I fully recommend this attorney.

    Ryan F.
    Former Client, via Avvo
  • Always fast to answer all of my questions. Quickly helped me get all of the issues I had resolved.

    Joe L.
    Former Client, via Avvo

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