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Preliminary Hearings may no longer be bound over based upon hearsay alone per Commonwealth v. McClelland, 2 WAP 2018
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I often receive questions from clients and other lawyers regarding firearm rights.  As such, I decided to try to distill Pennsylvania Firearms Law, Sections, 6105 & 6109 down to one easy to reference page.
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Criminal Justice Attorney
Specific considerations for criminal justice reform in the wake of the George Floyd protests.
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Lehigh Valley Criminal Defense Lawyers
2020 Brings big changes to sentencing in Pennsylvania. Some of these changes are defense friendly, such as the resentencing guidelines and the reduction in some drug OGSs. However, many are Commonwealth friendly such as the domestic violence and vehicular homicide enhancements and the return of...
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Lehigh Valley DUI Lawyers
The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled squarely that ARD acceptance alone does not prove a prior offense for DUI purposes but the consequences may be much larger...
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