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Choose The Right Lehigh Valley Appeals Attorney for your Summary Appeal, Criminal Appeal or Supreme Court Appeal

If your case didn't go the way you had hoped for the first time, contact our Appellate Attorneys in our Easton Appeals Office to see if we can make it right.

Our Appeals Attorneys are located in Easton, Pennsylvania.  We have won appeals from mere speeding tickets in The Court of Common Pleas to Wrongful Convictions in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

 Appellate Attorneys in our Easton Office have won appeals at all levels of the Pennsylvania court system.  We have won appeals from District Court all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. We offer free Appeal Consultations at our Easton law office.

We view appeals as being of two different veins.  On one hand there are Summary Appeals, Administrative Appeals and Other Appeals to the Court of Common Pleas.  On the other hand there are traditional appeals to the appellate courts. Traditional appeals go to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Summary Appeals, Administrative Appeals and Other Appeals to the Court of Common Pleas are often “De Novo.”  “De Novo” directly translates from Latin to “anew” in English.  However, we like to explain De Novo appeals as “do overs,” because they allow us to have new trials and hearings to fix evidentiary issues.

Traditional Appeals to the appellate courts are always much more difficult and complex than De Novo appeals. Despite our excellent record on appeals, many Superior and Supreme Court Appeals are an arduous battle with little chance of success. The difficulty of traditional appeals is that there is no ability for our Appeal Attorneys to re-trial the case.  We are simply stuck with the case as it is handed to us by whomever handled the trial.  But rest assured, we will give honest advice before taking payment on any appeals.

Appeals Lawyer


Local Appeals Attorneys to hold a separate and full suppression hearing in a Northampton County Summary Appeal.

Supreme Court Success

Client's conviction overturned by the Superior Court & upheld by Supreme Court. Re-Trial of client prohibited.

New Trials & Sentences

Successfuly won new trials and reduced sentences for clients accussed of crimes ranging from drug delivery to sex crimes.

Types of Appeals Handle by Our Easton Appeals Attorneys

1. Summary Appeals Attorneys

Appeals from the Magisterial District Courts to the Common Pleas Courts

Summary Appeals are appeals from Magisterial District Court to the County Court of Common Pleas.  Summary Appeals are de novo appeals and allow for an entirely new trial.  Traffic ticket appeals are the most common Summary Appeals.  But, Summary Appeals can be made of non-criminal summary convictions as well.  Summary Appeals must be filed within 30 days of conviction and can be filed even after a guilty plea.

2. PennDOT & License Suspension Appeals

Appeals that must be made after recieving notification of a suspension from PennDOT

PennDOT & License Suspension Appeals are appeals of PennDOT determinations.  These appeals are filed in the Court of Common Pleas.  Strict technical requirements and deadlines apply to license suspension appeals.

3. Administrative Agency Appeals

Appeals from misc. government agencies after written notice

Administrative Appeals range from appeals of Unemployment Compensation Benefits to Appeals of findings of Child Abuse.  Unfortunately, many of these administrative agencies maintain poor record keeping.  These agencies can often be difficult to communicate with as well.  If attempting an administrative appeal without an appeals attorney, be sure to keep documentation and records of all documents relevant to your case.  Keep records all communications, or attempted communications, with the administrative agency as well.

4. Tradtional Appeals

Appeals from case that begun in the Court of Common Pleas

Traditional Appeals consist of appeals to the state and federal appellate courts. Such courts include the Pennsylvania Superior Court, The Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the United State Supreme Court.  These appeals are the most arduous and difficult of all appeals. These appeals should not be attempted without an attorney.  Our Attorneys have successfully won appeals at the level of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Appeals Attorneys in Easton, Pennsylvania

Serving Lehigh, Monroe & Northampton Counties

Our Northampton County Appeals Attorneys have successfully won appeals at all levels of the Pennsylvania Court & Administrative System.  Consult with one of our knowledgeable Appeals Attorneys before filing your appeal.  And, always make sure you consult with an attorney and file your appeal well in advance of the strict appeal deadlines.

Lehigh Valley Appeal FAQs

Commonly asked questions regarding appeals in Lehigh and Northampton County

How long do I have to file an appeal?

Different types of appeals have different deadlines. Generally, appeals in the Court of Common Pleas and Mageisterial District Court have a 30 day deadline but there are exceptions. Different adminstrative agencies will also have different deadlines. Speak with an attorney regarding the deadlines specific to your case.

How much does it cost to file an appeal?

The costs of filing an appeal differ between different types of matters. Additionally, the same type of matter may have different filing costs in different counties. Check with your local county court to ascertain the filing fee for your appeal.

Can I appeal even if I plead guilty?

Yes and No. If the next level of appeal is a de novo trial, you may appeal even after a guilty plea without prejudice. If the next level of appeal is not de novo, generally speaking you may still appeal after a guilty plea but the basis of your appeal will be severely limited and chances of success greatly reduced.

How do I file and appeal?

This will depend on the type of appeal being filed. Generally, you must file the appropriate paperwork with the appropriate authority. Often times a reason, or basis, for appeal must be stated. However, summary appeals and child & spousal support appeals to not require a reason for appeal upon filing.

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