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Lehigh County Court Statistics

Based Upon Most Recent Data Published by the Administrative Office of The Pennsylvania Courts. (2018 Court Cycle)

Lehigh County Criminal Case Statistics

Criminal Court Statistics for the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas

Total Number of Criminal Cases = 4,626

Types of Criminal Cases in Lehigh County

Method of Disposition

How Criminal Cases ended in Lehigh County

Lehigh County PFA Statistics

Total Cases listed for Final Hearing = 1,264

Child Custody Statistic in Lehigh County

New Child Custody Cases in Lehigh County = 1,650

Divorce Statistics in Lehigh County

New Divorce Cases = 952

Juvenile Dependency Statistics in Lehigh County

New Cases: 287, Total Cases: 377

Adjudication Hearing Outcomes

Initial Outcome of Lehigh County Children & Youth Cases.

Final Outcome

Location of Child upon Termination of Lehigh County Juvenile Court Supervision