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Applying for Expungements & Pardons in the Lehigh Valley can be simple with the help of our Easton Expungement Attorneys

Our Lehigh Valley Expungement Attorneys have successfully achieved Pardons, Expungements & Limited Access Expungements for hundreds of clients who can now move forwards without the stigma of a criminal record.  Hopefully your criminal defense attorney discussed expungements with you at the time of your conviction.  If not, our Easton Expungement Lawyers may still be able to help.

Pardons & Expungements can remove convictions from a criminal record, as if they never happened.  Any criminal conviction is eligible to be pardoned but the likelihood of that pardon being granted is often low.  Whereas only very limited criminal convictions are eligible to be expunged but the likelihood of achieving an expungement of an eligible criminal record is much higher in the Lehigh Valley.

Pardons are at the sole discretion of the governor but the governor has the power to pardon anyone, for any crime, even if they are still serving a sentence.  A governor’s pardon is not subject to any oversight by the Northampton & Lehigh County Courts. 

On the other hand, Expungements are overseen by the Lehigh Valley court system and, in many cases, an expungement may be summarily granted due to the passage of time or other certain conditions being met.

Outside of both Pardons and Traditional Expungements are Limited Access Expungements.  Limited Access expungements are not a true destruction of criminal records but rather a way of hiding the records from the public eye.  The majority of non-violent misdemeanors may be eligible for a Limited Access Expungement after a certain amount of time.


Only avenue of relief to remove felony convictions


Applies only in very limited cases but high success rate if eligible.

Limited Access Order

Applies to the most cases but is not a true destruction of criminal records.

Benefits of Pardons & Expungements in The Lehigh Valley

Our Easton Expungement Lawyers make it simple

1. Career Benefits

Lehigh Valley Employers look at criminal records. Our Expungement Attorneys in Easton can help.

Unfortunately criminal records can be detrimental to obtaining employment as well as advancing past a certain promotional level. 


Many professional and occupational licensing agencies will not issue licenses to individuals convicted of certain crimes. Obtaining a Pardon or Expungement can open doors that would otherwise remained closed to an individual.


Expunging a criminal record can pay for itself over time.  Contact our Expungement Experts in Easton for help.

2. Restoration of Firearm & Voting Rights

Our Easton Expungement Attorneys can restore your rights

Certain convictions prohibit individuals from buying, possessing or carrying firearms.  Additionally although Pennsylvania does not prohibited citizens with criminal records from voting, other states may not allow citizens to vote based upon their Pennsylvania convictions.  We have helped numerous individuals restore their firearm rights and voting rights via Pardons & Expungements.

Should I Apply for a Pardon or Expungement?

What is the difference between a pardon & and expungement in Pennsylvania?

In many case you may be able to apply for both.  The Pardon process, until recently was a 2-3 year process but has recently been streamlined to take less than a year due to the efforts of Governor Wolf and Lt. Governor Federmann.  Nonetheless, expungement will be the best course for most people unless the have serious misdemeanor of felony convictions.

The Pardon Process in Pennsylvania

What to Expect

The Pardon Panel

While the Governor has the final say in any pardon, the Governor’s Office has set up a panel of representatives to determine which cases reach his or her desk. The panel consists of:


The Lieutenant Governor
A Representative from the Attorney General’s Office
A Crime Victim’s Advocate
A Corrections Expert
A Psychiatrist or Psychologist

The Pardon Process

While the Pardon Process can take quite some time, there is a standard process which is followed:

  1. An Application is Submitted (The application review process typically takes 6-9 months)
  2. An Investigation is Conducted (The investigation is typically conducted by an individual akin to a probation officer)
  3. A Merit Review is Held (This occurs absent the applicant and the applicant must receive at least two votes from panel members to pass this step)
  4. A Public Hearing is Conducted (If the applicant passes the merit review they will be permitted to participate in a public hearing.  To pass the public hearing, the applicant must receive at least 3 votes from the panel)
  5. Governor’s Decision (If the applicant passes the public hearing his or her case will be sent to the governor and the governor will make the final determination)
  6. Expungement (If the pardon is granted, it is prudent to follow up the pardon with an expungement to remove all record of the offense)

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