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Pennsylvania Firearm Law Distilled to One Page

So much effort into one little page

I often receive questions from clients and other lawyers regarding firearm rights.  As such, I decided to try to distill Pennsylvania Firearms Law, Sections, 6105 & 6109 down to one easy to reference page.

Designing this quicksheet took quite a bit more effort than it may first appear.  To fit everything onto one page some information needed to be condensed for brevity.  For example, there are some cases when a someone with a juvenile record can obtain firearm disability relief prior to reaching the ages of 30 and 28 but it just wouldn’t fit on the page.  There are also other rare circumstances when someone may be prohibited from possessing a firearm that are not covered by the quicksheet.

It should work for 99% of clients 99% of the time but always conduct your own research or refer to a qualified Lehigh Valley Firearms attorneys for complete and accurate answer.

I hope others find this of assistance.

For more information, view our Lehigh Valley Second Amendment & Firearms Attorneys webpage.

Just my thoughts....

With many spelling and grammer errors, and subject to correction

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